Rider Profile

Barry Schumann: Recreational
Racing Team: Team WBC
Commuting Team: American Electric Power
Height: 5'10" Weight: 155
Days/Month: 7 Miles YTD: 665 Days YTD: 47
Born: OH
Resides: OH
Occupation: Community Relations
Favorite Food: Whatever I crave at the moment,
Favorite Ride: The next one.
Favorite Quote: "Strengthen that which remains."
Why I Ride: Because riding is good for health, good for the planet and just plain fun!
My Commute: When I commute, take the Bike-and-Bus option to work, return home via the Alum Creek or Olentangy trails.

Ride Log

Week of May 21, 2018 2 Rides  •  15 Miles  •  1.1 hours
Tue 5/22 6 miles 31 min Very relaxed night ride, Forte 
Mon 5/21 9 miles 35 min Rain-shortened night ride, Forte 
Week of May 14, 2018 6 Rides  •  50 Miles  •  3.6 hours
Sun 5/20 20 miles 84 min Church and Char-Mar Ridge Park for a hike with my three girls, Forte 
Sat 5/19 2 miles 9 min Quick neighborhood ride as huge dark cloud threatens, Forte 
Fri 5/18 6 miles 24 min Night ride shortened by threat of rain, Forte 
Thu 5/17 5 miles 24 min Night ride, Forte 
Wed 5/16 9 miles 40 min Night ride, Forte 
Mon 5/14 8 miles 33 min Night ride, Forte 

Upcoming Rides and Events

Date Ride/Event Location
Sat 7/21
Westerville, OH

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